Reliable Cars and Trucks in Virginia Beach with a Warranty Included

At Shoreline Auto Center we only sell reliable vehicles, and we know peace of mind is important to our customers. The majority of the vehicles we sell come with a 3 month, 3000 mile warranty.

Warranty coverage applies for Breakdowns to the Covered Parts listed below and related labor, provided they are not covered by insurance or the manufacturers warranty. Taxes and fluids needed for authorized repairs are also included. Only those parts stated under "What Is Covered are covered by this Limited Warranty".


  • All internally lubricated parts;
  • engine block; cylinder head(s);
  • harmonic balancer;
  • intake and exhaust manifolds;
  • mounts;
  • oil pan;
  • factory installed supercharger or turbo-charger
  • timing belt/chain and tensioner;
  • timing chain cover;
  • valve cover(s);
  • water pump.


  • All internally lubricated parts within the transmission;
  • cooler and cooler lines (metal);
  • mounts;
  • throttle valve cable;
  • torque converter;
  • flywheel/flex plate;
  • transmission and transfer case housing;
  • oil pan;
  • vacuum modulator;
  • external and internal control units.

Drive System:

  • All internally lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly,
  • including axles and axle bearings;
  • constant velocity joints and boots;
  • drive axle housings;
  • differential cover;
  • hub bearings;
  • front hub locking assemblies;
  • drive shaft and drive support;
  • universal joints.


  • Alternator;
  • electronic ignition module;
  • manually operated switches;
  • power window motors;
  • starter drive motor and solenoids;
  • sunroof motor;
  • wiper motor.


  • All internally lubricated parts;
  • rack-and-pinion and internal parts;
  • power cylinder assembly;
  • power steering pump;
  • intermediate steering shafts and couplings;
  • pitman arm;
  • idler arm,
  • tie rod and tie rod ends and drag link.

Front Suspension:

  • Upper and lower control arms and bushings;
  • upper and lower ball joints;
  • stabilizer shaft;
  • linkage and bushings;
  • kingpin and bushings;
  • spindle and wheel bearings.

Factory A/C:

  • Accumulator/drier;
  • blower motor;
  • compressor; clutch,
  • clutch coil, and pulley assembly;
  • condenser;
  • evaporator;
  • orifice tube;
  • expansion valve;
  • high/low cut-off switch;
  • pressure cycling switch;
  • idler pulley and bearings.
  • Refrigerant is covered ONLY if needed in conjunction with the repair of the abovelisted part.


  • Master cylinder;
  • power assist booster;
  • wheel cylinders;
  • disc calipers;
  • hydraulic lines and fittings;
  • antilock brake control unit,
  • hydraulic control unit,
  • accumulator, and wheel speed sensors.

Rental Car Reimbursement:

Up to $30.00 for one day of rental car reimbursement if Covered Vehicle requires a Covered Repair.

A second additional day may be reimbursed up to $30.00 if the labor time for the Covered Repair exceeds 8.0 hours or a delay occurs due to parts availability.

For our customers who wish to have extended auto warranties, we also offer additional coverage up to 5 years or 150,000 miles. Contact us for full details on available extended warranty plans.